Update: Nokia UK has quashed the sex scene rumors and has confirmed to Cinematical that the scene will be set in a hotel room, but involve a gang of ninjas racing through the building. It's a light-hearted scene and "certainly not of a sexual nature."

For a good dose of post-holiday bile, chew on this: Pamela Anderson has reportedly agreed to partake in a cinematic sex scene with a fan. Yep, if you ever watched her saucy seas sex tape with Tommy Lee and wished you could get close to the ex-Baywatch star, it's as far away as entering your name, e-mail address, and phone number ... and being a resident of the UK.

A contest brought to you by Nokia UK, the McHenry Brothers (who wrote and directed the upcoming Jackboots on Whitehall) will grab the company's new Nokia N8 and shoot a short film called The Commuter in high definition with the device. There's quick turnaround on this -- filming is slated to take place on September 20th in London.

But is it really a sex scene?