We already know a sequel to Alexandre Aja's rebooting of the Piranha series is in the works, and now comes news that The Weinstein Company is planning to let the fans get involved with the story development.

The as yet untitled sequel will take a page out of the Paranormal Activity playbook -- not by asking viewers to demand the film, but instead letting them vote on which celebrity they'd love to see turn up in the sequel and die a horrible death. Sounds fun to me -- and the possibilities are endless!

The film, which has only made around 20 million dollars so far, was well-received by critics and horror fans alike. In it, Elizabeth Shue and Ving Rhames must contend with a group of prehistoric piranha freed by an earthquake during spring break. Lots of gore and nudity follows.

As far as ideas go, I like this one. I'm tempted to say we should all vote for someone obnoxious like the Jersey Shore kids (but not Lindsay Lohan, who would probably jump at the opportunity ... ), but I think we should really go all out. I'm sure there'll be a Betty White movement, too, but I like the direction PopWatch has suggested: Meryl Streep or Sir Ian McKellen. I'm gonna vote for Judi Dench -- serious acting skills and she still can rock a bikini. As far as men go, why not De Niro? I can just see Bobby D. glowering and looking pained as a horde of prehistoric fish gnaw his face off. De Niro has been in some clunker films over the years too -- this wouldn't be a huge stretch.

Those are just a few names off the top of my head. Hit the comments section and chime in.