Hunter Prey, Directed by Sandy Collora, 2009

You may not know the name Sandy Collora, but any sci-fi nerd worth his salt is likely to recognize his two fan films: the Batman-Superman crossover World's Finest and the incredibly badass Batman vs Alien vs Predator short, Batman: Dead End. Both showed a world of promise for the ambitious effects designer turned director, but for obvious reasons neither of his fantasy fan films could ever been turned into a reality without inciting the ire of a garrison of copyright lawyers. And while I'd love to see a full length version of Batman: Dead End, I'm glad that its impossibility is what eventually lead Collora to develop a wholly original sci-fi film, Hunter Prey, to mark his directorial debut as a feature filmmaker.

I have a feeling that if Hunter Prey had been made some twenty or thirty years ago, it would be a fan favorite and mainstay of late night cable. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I think all but the most die hard sci-fi fans will find Collora's debut, which is about a group of masked soldiers who have to track an escaped prisoner across the desolate landscape of an alien planet on which their ship has crashed, a tad too slow for their tastes. Yes, Collora's film has more talking than explosions (it is a low budget film, after all), but that doesn't mean that it's boring, it just means some of the thrills are just more narrative-based than people expect from a 2010 sci-fi flick.
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