Poltergeist II
, Directed by Brian Gibson, 1986

Everyone's favorite paranormally-plagued family is back. Now living with dear old grandma, the Freelings are doing their best to forget the events of that culminated in their home collapsing into itself like a dying star. But when a mysterious preacher enters their life, a familiar dread comes over them. And when little Carol Ann once again receives messages from the spirit world, on her toy telephone this time as the family has since abolished television, it seems the Freeling's bad luck has followed them.

I'm sure we're all familiar with the stigma of sequels. I wasn't expecting lightning in a bottle with the almost entirely unsung follow up to the seminal Spielberg Tobe Hooper-directed haunted house film. What I wasn't expecting was a film so terrible as to make me want to throw my own television set out on the balcony. To be fair, for the first half hour or so there was a good deal of potential displayed. Some of the imagery in the dream sequences is incredibly disturbing and I kind of enjoyed the whole Native American shaman angle. But about the time we got to the tequila worm forcing a man to give birth to a Lovecraft monster via his mouth, which he then defeated with ice breath, it became readily apparent that this was an unholy piece of crap. The ending of this film is unbearably silly and utterly preposterous even in light of the supernatural plot. Also, who lobotomized Craig T. Nelson before they started shooting? The guy is basically a barely-conscious lump throughout.
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