The Toronto International Film Festival is an incredible bombardment of movies from every conceivable nook of the world, and while some of the festival's 300 selections will go on to Oscar glory, many of them will never see theatrical distribution beyond their home countries. TIFF often proves to be the only chance to catch films of the latter type on the big screen, and because distributors have a nasty habit of picking titles based on their commercial value and not their quality, these films tend to be some of the vast line-up's true gems.

So I've culled through the TIFF 2010 roster and - based on the descriptions provided and whatever else I might happen to know about these movies - I've selected 10 especially enticing films that I almost guarantee will never play in an American movie theater. Because you'll be able to see Black Swan anytime you like come December, but that Radiohead-obsessed Japanese flick about a teacher who seeks vengeance on her students by infecting them with HIV is probably not coming to a theater near you.