Did you like Tim Burton's re-conflagrated 3-D Alice in Wonderland? Yes? No? Either way, you have to admit one thing -- it looked amazing. And it'll look even more amazing on Blu-ray.

As reported by Nikki Finke's Deadline blog, Walt Disney Studios has partnered with Sony to market their 3-D products, starting with Blu-ray releases of Disney's Alice and the animated comedy Bolt for the holiday season.

In flawless press-release speak, Disney's Lori MacPherson said, "We are excited to partner with Sony on 3D offerings and to offer consumers their first chance to experience one of 2010's top 3D films and the amazing spectacle of Wonderland in their very own homes."

Their innovative, comprehensive marketing concept is this -- if you buy a new 3D Bravia HDTV (retail price: $2,900-$4,699). you'll receive a copy of either Bolt or Alice in 3D (retail price: Somewhere aroung $50).

I suppose if you were planning to spend around $3,000 for a television anyway, it's a nice bonus to get a movie for free. Of course, if you have that kind of money to drop on a TV, there's something wrong with you if that's where you decide to save a few bucks.

So what do you think? Would a free Blu-ray disc tip you towards Sony's 3D television? Have you tried out the new 3D TVs and are they cool? Is starting your 3D library with a Disney film likely to make you think warm thoughts about the rest of their catalog? How effective a marketing ploy is this, anyway?