As always, the Toronto International Film Festival is showcasing a healthy dose of homegrown flicks during the glitzy international fest. Some have already become water cooler fodder. As in – weird, did you hear about that hockey musical?! Or, omigod, there's another 'FUBAR'! Let's give'r, eh?! (Is it wrong that I have a secret crush on Terry? I can't get enough of his flannel shirts and baggy sweats!)

'Score', the aforementioned hockey musical, has netted the coveted Opening Night Gala spot, which means TIFF has resumed its tradition of opening the fest with a Canadian movie after deviating last year with the British 'Creation.' Perhaps TIFF selected 'Score' -- about the most Canadian topic of all, hockey -- to make amends for last year's unpatriotic move. (That's right, TIFF – if you're not with us, you're against us! Glad to see you're back on board, and no longer succumbing to the temptation of Paul Bettany's glistening white, white complexion).

While 'Score' and 'FUBAR II' are rightly generating tons of buzz, there are other promising Canadian flicks quietly collecting accolades. Here's a rundown of homegrown fare you won't want to miss: