Surprise, surprise. Microsoft would still like to do a Halo movie. And why not? According to Variety, the franchise has earned Microsoft a cool $2 billion since the first game's release in 2001. Shouldn't that mean a movie would be just the ticket to take Halo to the next level?

And what level is that, exactly? Would anyone even notice an extra couple of hundred millions sitting on top of a stack of billions? I'm sorry -- that's me being presumptuous. I'm assuming that people actually enjoy movies based on video games. At best, they're just about the guiltiest of guilty pleasures (I have a soft spot for Resident Evil Extinction, along with the now-public shame of admitting it), and at worst they're Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

There was a time when the world made a kind of sense, and, a few years ago, I could understand why a studio wouldn't want to spend $200 million on a Halo movie. It was a hugely expensive risk. In order for a $200 million dollar movie to be a bonafide hit, it can't do it with fan support alone -- your own sweet grandmother needs to see the trailer during Rachel Ray and decide she's down for some Master Chief action on opening weekend. But, now that someone actually made a $200 million Prince of Persia movie, my whole world turned upside down. Prince of Persia? Really? Sure. Why not. So, go ahead, Microsoft. Make your big Halo movie. No one has ever accused you of never taking a big risk.
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