We've known since the middle of August that Mad Men actress January Jones would be playing Emma Frost in the big screen version of Marvel's X-Men: First Class. Today, we got our first opportunity to see the actress in the part.

The photos feature Jones in her 60's era Frost apparel and aren't particularly exciting -- but do show that the actress looks convincing in the part (I dig the getup). One shot has her sitting in a helicopter, while the rest are basically her wandering around the set (with her stunt double turning up as well).

Matthew Vaughn is directing the project, and recent reports indicate that the film will not follow the storyline from the comic series. Instead, it will focus on the early relationship between Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) as they meet and plan for the future of mutant-kind. The film will take place during the 1960s, while President Kennedy is still alive and will not feature Cyclops. First Class is also going global (with shooting locations in England and the US) and part of the plot taking place in the Soviet Union.

Shooting is currently underway in England with a planned release date in June 2011.

So far, so good. I like Jones as Frost and setting the film during the 1960's seems like an interesting twist -- plus it means we'll get to see more classic X-Men costumes. What do you guys think? Does Jones make a convincing White Queen? Are you at all excited about this project? Check out the images in the gallery below, and more over at INF Daily.