'Legendary' -- in theaters this Friday -- tells the story of Cal Chetley (Devon Graye), a skinny teen who joins his high school wrestling team, in an attempt to live up to his family's athletic legacy. Hoping to aid him in his training and reunite his troubled family, he seeks out his older brother, played by WWE Superstar John Cena.

Cena, who has wrestled in steel cage matches against six-foot, 300-pound athletes, took on a new challenge with 'Legendary': starring in a family drama, opposite stars like Danny Glover and the Oscar-nominated Patricia Clarkson.

The nine-time world champion recently chatted with Moviefone about Hollywood and wrestling. In our exclusive interview, Cena explains how WWE superstars will take movie audiences by surprise, and which celebrities he would like to face in the squared circle.
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Hoping that his estranged brother (John Cena) will train him, a scrawny teenager (Devon Graye) joins... Read More