Smiley FaceIs any pot comedy a must-see? I say yes. Not because I'm a pothead, although unlike Clinton, I have inhaled, but because potheads are hilarious! It's been a while since we've had a good stoner comedy. Smiley Face was actually kind of frustrating in the way that stoners occasionally are. There's Leaves of Grass, starring Edward Norton twins, but it will only be in theaters for a very limited run in September with a DVD release in October, and it's not really a pothead comedy per se, anyway. Hopefully, this dry spell will soon be over with New Line's We're the Millers (no relation).

The L.A. Times has the exclusive details about the plot, which is about "a veteran pot dealer [who] decides to create a fake family (the eponymous Millers) to move a large shipment of marijuana across the U.S. border from Mexico." Will wacky hijinks ensue? Will he forget where he put his keys? Will he start giggling at the border crossing? Who knows! I can't wait to find out.

So far, the directors in the running are Charlie St. Cloud's Burr Steers, or Sean Anders and John Morris, the guys who wrote Hot Tub Time Machine and Sex Drive. Anders also directed Sex Drive. You can guess who I'm rooting for to take the reins, right? Not the one who directed the Zac Efron weepy.

The script was originally written by the guys behind Wedding Crashers, Steve Faber and Bob Fisher, and is now getting a polish from Rich Rinaldi and Dan Fybel. Rinaldi and Fybel wrote a few eps of The Sarah Silverman Show, including "High, It's Sarah," which indicates that they're rather familiar with the topic. Watch a clip of "High, It's Sarah" on Amazon
and YouTube. Apparently, Steve Buscemi was originally going to star, but there's no more news on that front for now. Do it, Steve! Do it!
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