Sonic ScrewdriverI have never been so tempted to own a Wii before now. And even if I did, I'd have to get an export from Britain for the part I really wanted. You see, someone made a Wii Controller shaped like the Sonic Screwdriver wielded by the Doctor (the Matt Smith incarnation) in Doctor Who.

I already own a PS3, but the Wii tends to be more popular among the younglings. The device is being released in conjunction with the upcoming Doctor Who game for the Wii. The game will be released in October and the controller in December. This game will also be unavailable in the United States, so you'll have to buy it from a U.K. retailer and have it shipped. Do Wii games have regional coding like DVDs?

In short, to get one of these babies for myself I have to purchase a Wii system then get the game as well as the controller and pray that it works on the U.S. system. Damn you, BBC. We like Doctor Who over here as well, you know.
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