Looking to get your Ph.D. in Zombie studies? There may come a day when some university finally comes up with a Doctoral program for those of us who've spent a huge chunk of our lives watching Romero and Fulci films (I'm enrolling instantly when it happens ... ), but today is not it. Instead, if you're a zombie-phile of the highest magnitude, you'll have to settle for an undergraduate class instead. But hey, it's a start, right?

Those attending the University of Baltimore can enroll in Arnold Blumberg's Zombie Studies course -- a semester-long class devoted to examining the walking dead's influence on popular culture and mass media. Blumberg, the author of Zombiemania, has crafted a class that will have students viewing films and reading books and comics about the living dead -- or basically, get course credit for what a lot of us do as part of our daily routine.

Blumberg promises that the course won't just be light entertainment: "It's relatively easy to connect the zombie to what is happening in culture. We'll have fun with it, but we'll also give it a serious look in different contexts, like that of American progress."

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