What kind of a world is this? I'll tell you: a terrible world where a Joe Dante directed horror movie continues to fly quietly under the radar while junk hits the multiplexes on a weekly basis. Bah, get off my lawn.

Seriously though, the new film from the mad genius behind Gremlins, The Howling and Innerspace is hitting theaters this month...in England. A Joe Dante movie should be an event. It should be something every movie fan out there salivates over. But an American release of The Hole isn't even on the schedule yet. Woe is the quality moviegoer, eh? You Brits better make this a hit.

Anyway, Sky has a two minute clip from the film for your viewing pleasure and although it doesn't get too showy, it's a creepy, tension-filled 120 seconds that's completely worth your time if you happen to be a fan of good things. I'm getting a strong '80s vibe here, definitely in tune with Dante's previous efforts in the genre.

Check out the clip after the jump!
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