After Angelina Jolie turned down the role on two separate occasions, it looks like Alfonso Cuaron has finally found the leading lady for his science fiction survival thriller Gravity. That lady is none other than Natalie Portman, whose turn in Darren Arronofsky's upcoming Black Swan has been apparently turning the right heads.

Although the Oscar-nominated Portman has had her fair share of leading roles (and with V For Vendetta and the Star Wars prequels, she's no stranger to sci-fi), Gravity sounds like the kind of movie that could, pun intended, blast her career into the stratosphere. Conceptually, it's like Apollo 13 meets Cast Away: a female astronaut is the sole survivor on board a space station after an accident involving space debris and she must find a way to survive long enough to get home.

Although Robert Downey Jr. has already committed to a supporting role, this will essentially be the "Natalie Portman Space Show" if she accepts the role, a two hour showcase for her acting wrapped in a science fiction veneer.
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