9/11 attack on World Trade CenterThere have been a handful of films that have documented the 9/11 terrorist attacks - such as World Trade Center and United 93 - but to date no one has managed to transform the harrowing atrocity which claimed the lives of 2,977 people into a hillarious musical. That - rather unbelievably - is about to change with the release of Clear Blue Tuesday, a low budget musical based on the tragic events of September 11 2001, released in the US last week.

The Guardian reports that its director, Elizabeth Lucas, believes that music helps us "look at ourselves and laugh at our tragedies". However, judging from the trailer, the movie is so bad viewers are more likely to be appalled than stunned. However, if a bunch of actors to old for Glee singing soft rock ballads about the aftermath terrorism appeals this is the movie for you.

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