I've always loved the sci-fi staple of robot bartenders. How else are you supposed to know you're in the future? Ray guns and flying cars are boring. Give me a stuttering, servo-drive roboarm pouring a stiff drink over all that stuff any day of the week. If I wasn't lazy I'd edit together a montage of all best robot bartenders from cinema, but I know that I'd probably end up just repeatedly cutting to my favorite, The Fifth Element's "Want some more?" airport bartender.

Though I suppose I should say ex-favorite, as that fire water-loving droid has just been replaced by BaR2D2. This home made, remote-controlled bad boy has sound-activated lighting, an automated drawer that stores ice and mixers, and a combo beer turntable and elevator, because leaning over to pick up your beer is so 2009.

Check out this miraculous marvel of human ingenuity in action below.
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