Look, it's already been four movies. If Milla Jovovich's telekinetic gun-wielding super-babe, Alice, doesn't finally squash the Umbrella Corporation for good by the end of Resident Evil: Afterlife this weekend, then she'll probably be as bored with the prospect of going after them again as we all are I already am. So, just for fun, here's a handful of other Evil Movie Corporations that Alice and her army of clones could go take down instead.

1. Cyberdyne Systems from the Terminator films: As we learned at the start in the first Resident Evil film, the Umbrella Corporation's biggest profits were generated by military technology, genetic experimentation and viral weaponry. Surely, Cyberdyne offered their share of competition in the first field, what with its progress on self-aware cyborg development and time travel in general. So who better to send after one unstoppable killing machine than another? Hell, maybe they could even dovetail into "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and pair Alice up with Summer Glau's robo-mama to take down the latest models being sent back in time to kill whiny-ass Ed Furlong. (Two separate timelines, I know, whatever, let's roll with it.)
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