I've been pretty vocal about my desire to see director Tarsem Singh at the helm of a Doctor Strange feature film (read more about that here), but I never in my life expected that Marvel might be considering the story as a CG animated movie. Comic artist Brendan McCarthy met with Marvel's new owners at Disney, and as talk turned to Doctor Strange, the studio tossed around the idea of Pixar animating Doctor Strange for the big screen.

"Now, wouldn't that be nice," McCarthy said in an interview with Bad Librarianship. Is it an understatement on McCarthy's part or is he dismissing the notion as "cloud talk" on the part of Disney? My take is that Disney simply wants Doctor Strange done right. They can see the long-term potential in the character, and they're considering all of their options, including animation.

While it may not mean that Pixar will bring the Sorcerer Supreme to theaters, the fact that it's a possibility at all shows that Disney is very, very serious about this. Imagine the character almost as House meets Harry Potter -- an arrogant doctor redeems himself by becoming the world's greatest sorcerer. The cinematic potential is certainly there, and we'll have more as it develops.

(via Digital Spy)
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