There are different types of movie nerds, and as much as we like to say that we like all kinds of movies, most of us tend to fall into one category or another. With some exceptions, the horror geek community -- acolytes of Raimi, Aja, Roth, etc. -- and the self-proclaimed "cinephile" community -- Hou Hsiao-hsien, Wong Kar-Wai, the Dardennes -- tend to keep to themselves. This isn't surprising, since their interests rarely intersect. [In my best trailer guy voice:] Until now.

There's one movie that's been making the rounds since Cannes 2009 that hits the spot for both groups. That movie is Yorgos Lanthimos' Dogtooth, about which generally the less said the better. Its surprises are a lot of the fun. Suffice it to say that its dystopian faux-sci-fi aesthetic, supremely creepy atmosphere, and occasional bursts of graphic violence make it a perfect object of horror nerd affection. And its austerity, formal mastery, ambiguity, and open invite to spin out allegorical interpretations are blood in the water for the art film crowd.
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