Welcome to Framed, a column at Cinematical that celebrates the artistry of cinema -- one frame at a time.

In a typical Framed column, I spend time focusing on a single image from a film and discuss it at length. For the sake of variety, this week I've chosen frames from three films I watched since we last "spoke", and discussed an aspect of each one. As usual you can find it after the jump. In examining these selections as a group, it got me thinking about patterns and contrasts and themes -- none of which I chose consciously. This group definitely deals with life-changing events or situations that are heightened to a surreal level -- two films feeling more like a dream or nightmare, and one an unrelenting caricature.

One of these transformations has taken a lifetime to accrue, another changed lives in a matter of seconds, and the last was forced upon the person. All three films are visually breathtaking in their own right, and rely heavily on architecture which often plays out as a metaphor for the minds and bodies of the characters. The comparisons are endless, and I'd love for you to share your thoughts about the similarities or differences between the actual frames in the comments section. As always, please be warned of spoilers ahead.
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