Glenn Shadix, the strange, sermon-delivery preacher of Heathersand interior decorator and mystic of Beetlejuice, passed away at his home in Birmingham, Alabama Tuesday morning at the age of 58.

In his youth, Shadix struggled to come to grips with his homosexuality, even partaking in "ex-gay shock therapy" at the age of 17, a harrowing ordeal he later described. A suicide attempt, however, led his family to accept his sexuality and for the young man to move on with his life.

His twenties brought him into the world of stage drama, and the actor started his screen career as a Twin Oaks customer in The Postman Always Rings Twice. But it was a few projects later, in 1988, when he became a recognizable face as Otho in Beetlejuice. As the man who made that nice New England home into a monstrosity (before stealing the Handbook for the Recently Deceased and wreaking havoc), Shadix quickly became a king of quirk.
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