How can you tell that the 3D craze is really starting to get on the nerves of movie goers? When it's worth reporting that a film that had previously been set for 3D has jumped off of the bandwagon. Will this be the start of a trend? No, I wouldn't count on it - Hammer Films' The Woman in Black is not exactly a major Hollywood title - but it is a relief to see that not everyone is falling for the allure of charging higher ticket prices.

In other Woman in Black news, two more actors have joined the cast: Ciaran Hinds and Janet McTeer. Hinds will be playing the man who counsels Daniel Radcliffe's character as he investigates the eponymous spectre that is haunting a quiet English town, with McTeer filling in as his wife. Shooting, which will be conducted by James Watkins (director of the supremely unnerving Eden Lake), is set to begin on September 23rd.
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