Joaquin Phoenix in 'I'm Still Here'It's been a long -- and surreal -- road, but the time has finally come; Sept. 10 will mark the release of Casey Affleck's controversial documentary (or should we say mockumentary?), 'I'm Still Here,' which allegedly chronicles Joaquin Phoenix's journey from Oscar-nominated actor to misguided rap star.

Is the joke on Phoenix, who threw away a critically lauded movie career to become a beardy weirdo who gets defecated on by assistants -- and, after this weekend, likely the public at large too? Or will the unpredictable star get the last laugh by subjecting the moviegoing populace to what could simply be a very well-marketed hoax?

Perhaps we'll never know, but since this tumultuous tale has finally reached its conclusion, we figured that this was the perfect opportunity to take you on a stroll down memory lane. Join us after the jump for our timeline of Phoenix's 'I'm Still Here' shenanigans, then come back on Friday to weigh in on whether you think the whole thing was fact or fiction.
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I'm Still Here
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