I normally don't consider the revelation that someone is not directing a movie that was already hypothetical to be news, but when it comes to Joe Dante and the Gremlins series, I'm willing to make an exception. If you recall some seven odd months ago there a report hit the net that stated Warner Brothers was gearing up to make Gremlins 3 in 3D. At the time Joe Dante said he didn't know anything about it and pretty much left it at that.

IGN recently chatted up the original Piranha director about his new film, The Hole, and the topic of Gremlins 3 naturally came up. The status of the film is just as nebulous as it's always been, but at least now Dante is making it perfectly clear that he'd have zero interest in directing it even if it was a real film:

"I think it's probably time for me to let somebody new take a shot at it. I did Gremlins 2, which was my deconstruction of Gremlins, and I don't want to do a deconstruction of both of them."

He's not opposed to the idea of a third Gremlins film or even a remake, as he further explains in the interview, it's just no longer a goal of his. I don't blame him, it has been over twenty years since the second film hit theaters, but I can't deny that part of me is a little bummed to hear the news. Not that I'm dying for another sequel, I'd just much rather be living in a world where the headline is about Joe Dante actually making more movies.
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