Collider has word that Judd Apatow will collaborate with up-and-coming writer/director Lena Dunham on an upcoming tv pilot for HBO. Dunham plans on writing, directing and starring in what will likely be a semi-autobiographical series. Her most recent feature, Tiny Furniture, got great word-of-mouth from SXSW and won the "Best Narrative Feature" prize. The news comes as a bit of a surprise to some because, well, Dunham's a girl and Apatow's comedies typically treat women like comedic foils for their boy-men protags.

Then again, having seen Tiny Furniture, I can say that though Dunham is in fact a lady, her style of comedy/drama is probably more in-sync with Apatow's than most people might think. Tiny Furniture is a semi-autobiographical indie that roughly follows Dunham's post-grad slump after she moved home and was unable to find work or a normal romantic relationship (mumblecore darling Alex Karpovsky plays one of her two love interests but it's assumed he's stringing her along). In other words: it's a movie about growing up and learning to accept new social responsibilities. How does this not sound like a Judd Apatow comedy?
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