There are a few filmmakers we wish could also be our film professors. But none more so than Martin Scorsese, who at least has given us film history lessons in the documentaries A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies and My Voyage to Italy. Now he's back with collaborator Kent Jones for a one-hour "mini-masterclass" about the works of legendary director Elia Kazan (On the Waterfront; East of Eden). Its title is A Letter to Elia, and we're happy to debut the one-sheet, which you'll find in full after the jump.

The doc focuses directly on Kazan's films, what they mean to Scorsese and what they tell us about the man who made them. "Maybe you learn more from the work than the man," Scorsese says about why interviews and biographies aren't enough for a study of an artist. As for how Kazan's films affected his own life, he admits to believing the films were made by someone "who knew me, maybe better than I knew myself."

As you can see by the text on the one-sheet, A Letter to Elia will be available on DVD November 9th, as part of the Scorsese-selected box set of films entitled The Elia Kazan Collection. Prior to this, though, the film will screen theatrically at select theaters across the country for single event showings through September, and it will air on PBS October 8th. Become a fan of the doc's Facebook page and check out its webpage for more information.

View the full poster, as well as images of The Elia Kazan Collection, after the jump.
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