I guess it was inevitable that somebody should ask Martin Scorsese, a man whose reputation was made and is still probably widely typified by his crime stories, to come up with a list of his favorite gangster movies. The Daily Beast did just that and while it's easy to see why, it looks like Scorsese is a big Jimmy Cagney fan. Being a voracious film fan, many of the titles on Scorsese's list are not your typical mob fare (Sorry, no Godfather to be found). But there is The Public Enemy, my favorite Cagney role and probably one of my favorite gangster movies of all time, at the top of Scorsese's chronological list.

While it would be hard to imagine Scorsese submitting a dull survey, it's nice to see that he's putting his curatorial powers to good use. After Cagney roles like White Heatand The Roaring Twenties, there are a good number of titles you probably wouldn't have heard of otherwise like Pete Kelly's Blues and Force of Evil, which Scorsese says "had as great an impact on me as Citizen Kane or On the Waterfront.". It's also nice to see recognition for already acknowledged (but still hardly mainstream) works like Alberto Lattuada's Mafioso, Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Doulos and especially John Boorman's superlative Point Blank. Check out the list here and get your Netflix queues revved up.
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