A muddy-looking copy of it hit online a few months back, but Sony Screen Gems have now premiered the official, crystal-clear trailer for Priest, the second film from Legion director Scott Stewart, over at Crackle (and embedded below). It stars Paul Bettany in the title role of a man of the cloth in an alt future where humans has been at war with vampires for centuries. After years spent with the horrors of said war, the Priest has decided to live his life in quiet isolation. Until vampires kidnap his niece, at which point he braves the desolate wastelands to get her back.

It has a promising premise, and the trailer looks exceedingly more appealing than it did in its previously cruddy, low-res state, but I remain cautiously optimistic about this one. There was very little that I liked about Stewart and Bettany's first film together, and there's plenty in this trailer that unfortunately reminds me of Legion (the most prominent bad omen being what looks like more poorly-textured CGI and monsters whose main intimidation tactic is to growl with elongated jaws). That said, it does have some very cool imagery in it - it's hard for me to resist dystopian civilizations - and a cool cast that includes Karl Urban (who looks great as the villain, Black Hat), Maggie Q, Stephen Moyer, Brad Dourif, and Christopher Plummer.

So while I'm not as ready as I am to dismiss Stewart's next film as I was after Legion, I'm not going to let my expectations get too high (Sony opening it in May of 2011 instead of dumping it in January, however, is confidence boosting). What say you, though? Do you think Priest will be the slick, kinetic horror/sci-fi actioner the trailer promises?
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