I may love music in the movies, but there are very few musicians who I think ever truly made great films. But even though today's nominee for Scenes (Songs) We Love is definitely not a perfect movie, it's accompanying soundtrack is stacked with damn near perfect songs. Which is why I decided to honor British rock legends, The Who, and I've Had Enough from their 1979 film, Quadrophenia.

Directed by Franc Roddam, the musical centered on a young Mod named Jimmy (played by Phil Daniels) who is strung out and stuck in a dead end job and spending his nights brawling with local Rockers (or Greasers, to those of us on this side of the pond). The story is full of all the usual youthful discontent, but in the world of The Mods, it didn't matter how miserable you were as long has you had the right scooter, haircut, and the perfect suit. As for that quizzical title? Well, don't run to the dictionary yet, because it isn't actually a real world. The title was a combination of the word schizophrenia with the quad (or four) representing the four different band members.

The original album was released in '76 and is comprised of some of the band's greatest songs; Love Reign o'er Me, The Real Me, and The Punk and The Godfather are just a few of them. I could go on (don't even get me started on Bellboy or Cut My Hair) but I'll leave you with the very strong recommendation to add the album to your collection if you don't own it already. The song is the final tune of the film, when we watch Jimmy rebel against his mentor (a Brighton bellboy played by Sting) as he decides to 'throw in the parka'.

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