Allow me to put aside my belief that the capable if workman-like Ron Howard is a poor choice to direct a film version of Stephen King's epic fantasy science fiction horror western adventure series, The Dark Tower.

Allow me to ignore the fact that the hit-and-miss Akiva Goldsman will be handling screenwriting duties (the human race will never let him forget that he wrote a little movie called Batman and Robin).

Instead, allow me to concentrate on the extraordinary way the duo plans to bring the massive, sprawling, amazing and messy seven book series to a new audience.

The Dark Tower will be a hybrid movie trilogy and TV series. No, it won't be a movie trilogy followed by a series or a TV series followed by a movie trilogy. There will be one film, then a season of television bridging the gap to the next film, then another season of television (which will act as a prequel to the entire story) and then the final film, wrapping everything up in one epic package.
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