Early this morning the best movie theater in the world, the Alamo Drafthouse, announced that it would be creating its own film distribution company, aptly titled Drafthouse Films, and that Chris Morris' Four Lions would be their flagship release. It was the kind of news that instantly elated all fans of the Drafthouse - we love to see our local theater expand and try new things - but those who are not very familiar with the Drafthouse ideology may have been wondering why it was such a big deal.

To help clarify a few things, Cinematical was able to have a brief chat with Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League. So if you're wondering what kind of plans he has in store for Drafthouse Films or when there might be an Alamo Drafthouse near you, read on. [Spoiler Alert: NY and LA film folk, Tim League is going to be personally changing the way you watch movies.]

Cinematical: How's it going?

Tim League: Oh, you know, I'm alright. Kind of busy, but it's a good busy.

Cinematical: I imagine so. The news of Drafthouse Films came out of the blue and when I saw the press release I instantly thought, "Holy sh*t, this is huge!", so I'd first like to just say congratulations.

League: Thank you, thank you very much. We've been working on it for a little while, so it's not totally out of the blue for us.

Cinematical: Is this something you could only have only done once you became the CEO of the Alamo Drafthouse again?