Armond White has long been famous among film fans for his ... unique reviews.

The film critic, who writes for the alternative weekly the New York Press and whose reviews have appeared in Film Comment and the defunct The City Sun, takes no prisoners: His idiosyncratic reviews have often been labeled contrarian, fearless and provocative; he's also been accused of misanthropic mudslinging. Most of his reviews stand in opposition to the consensus. And he hates blog film critics.

If he were a movie, he'd have pull quotes like this:

"Like 'The 700 Club' and Glenn Beck, White's work is reliably, pleasurably insane on a week-to-week basis; the volume of the outcry it provokes depends on who's paying attention." -- IFC

"Is Armond White a principled critic or an opportunistic crackpot -- or something in between?" -- Slant

Much of the controversy surrounding White's reviews was limited largely to the film criticism community until he reviewed "Toy Story 3" and gave it one of three bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Then all hell broke loose. It's one thing to pick fights with film nerds over art films; it's quite another to dismiss Woody, Buzz and the gang as, according to White, sell-outs in a heartless corporate movie.
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