Back to the Future
is one of the greatest movies ever made. No joke. No exaggeration. That is a statement I will stand behind until the cows come home, California sinks into the Pacific and Lord Xenu returns to smite the sinful. It's a perfect movie, perfectly cast, perfectly written and perfectly directed. You could say that it's dated slightly, but time and place are so important to the film that you barely notice.

Because you are an intelligent movie fan with wonderful taste, you probably already know that the entire trilogy is finally hitting Blu-Ray next month. What you probably don't know is that the original film is making a brief return to theaters to celebrate this release. Unfortunately for those of us on the western hemisphere, the re-release seems limited to England.

So here you go, you Brits. After the jump is the nostalgia-fueled trailer for the occasion. Mark your calenders and go see it. Go see it for your overseas friends. Go see it because it's Back to the Friggin' Future.
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