We can chastise reboots and remakes all we want, but many of us have to admit that we make concessions for gems, especially when one big-chinned Ashley Williams is involved. What other series or franchise have offered a movie, only to remake the very same flick (with some distinct changes) five years later, and then bring on a true sequel -- or prequel if you take the time traveling into account -- after that?

The Evil Dead
sparked off one of horror's most beloved and respected franchises. It dared to make its own path in a world where most classics followed Randy's strict horror rules. (Virgins are safe? Pshaw. The trees can change that!) Sam Raimi created a bare bones, no-budget fright fest, and when laughs were just as plentiful as the fear, he re-morphed the world into a dialogue parade that sent Bruce Campbell to the upper throne of quotable cult fandom.
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