In his latest role, Colin Firth plays King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, in Tom Hooper's slice of royal life 'The King's Speech.' The film takes place at a particularly rich time in British history: WWII is fast approaching, and things in Europe are precarious at best.

George's brother Edward (Guy Pearce), who abdicated the throne for his American mistress, is enjoying cocktails with Hitler and Himmler while George, known in the family as 'Bertie,' is struggling with his new position as king. He isn't considered ideal king material, but destiny is flung into his lap. A stammerer, overly emotional, prone to anger and tears, and totally lacking in self-confidence, George had it tough from the beginning.

Moviefone caught up with Firth at the Toronto Film Festival.

Check back closer to December 10, when 'The King's Speech' is set for release,
for our full interview with Firth, co-star Geoffrey Rush and director Tom Hooper.
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