It's not a great film, but there's at least one truly great scene in Resident Evil, Paul W.S. Anderson's 2002 adaptation of the best-selling Capcom video game. Scientists at Umbrella are quietly going about their business, just another day in the office. This particular office just happens to manufacture bizarre experimental bio-weapons.

Some butterfingers drops a vial of bad, bad crud -- the T-Virus, like the flu if the flu made you hungry for human guts. It's bad enough to cause Umbrella's high-tech AI security system to lock everyone inside the facility for a fast-acting execution. Things go from bad to worse as office workers are gassed to death during their regular 9-to-5 before they even have a chance to save themselves. One group gets trapped in a malfunctioning elevator and you can probably guess how well that goes.

Even though you don't know any of the characters, the setting is familiar enough to make it relatable and intensely horrific. It's one of the most well-executed sequences in any of Anderson's films, and Resident Evil never quite lives up to the promise of its own chilling opening.
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