It's Friday and if your week was anything like mine you are longing for the engrossing comfort of a cold beer and a cheesy 80's bloodbath. Well get yourself a six pack and fire up the Netflix Instant Watch because this week's film is something truly awesome. The reason I love the streaming Netflix so much stems less from being able to switch on a film that my lazy ass doesn't want to get up and go rent, but instead because sometimes Netflix offers little gems that aren't otherwise obtainable. One such gem only recently became available; much to the impish, base delight of one Brian Salisbury. That film is New Year's Evil. It has never been released on DVD and the VHS is out of print and going for beaucoup bucks on the interwebs.

Since January I have been running a feature here at Horror Squad highlighting my favorite holiday horror films: Season's Bleedings. I love that practically every holiday has a corresponding horror movie and I've made it my mission to use these cinematic celebrations as a way to chart the calendar year. If it hadn't been for a Terror Tuesday screening of New Year's Evil late last year, I wouldn't have started Season's Bleedings in the first place. It was the catalyst that not only rejuvenated my love for holiday horror but made me want to attend as many Terror Tuesdays as possible.

The story is pretty simple; New Year's Eve party starts off happy and new-wavy until a sadistic killer starts offing people in conjunction with the stroke of midnight in each of the four time zones partying. There is a bucket's worth of gore and silliness but the overall film is more fun than you can shake a champagne bottle at. So pour yourself a glass, put on your party hat, and get ready for the bloodiest ball drop since Planet Terror. If you aren't hooked by the time the theme song hits, I don't want to know you.
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