Welcome to I Would Revisit/Abandon, a regular SciFi Squad feature where we take a science fiction or fantasy universe, franchise, or series and examine whether or not we would like to see more of it or if the door should be permanently shut. Expect new entries every Wednesday and Friday, and watch out for potential spoilers beyond the jump!

This week, we'll be re-thinking those plane tickets to...

Place: The Federal Bureau of Investigation...and every place where mysterious things go bump in the night or abduct people from their bedrooms.

People/Characters: The iconic duo of wacky conspiracy theorist Fox Mulder and unflappable skeptic Dana Scully, as well as the collection of fellow agents and adversaries who love and hate them in equal measure.

What Makes It Unique:
The X-Files was one of the most important science fiction TV shows of all time, a smash hit with the geeks and the norms, bridging genre weirdness with likable characters and compelling procedural storytelling.

Verdict: Abandon. Close the case, file it away and lose the key.

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