At last count, I've sat through the trailer for Megamind about 189 times, give or take a couple viewings. If film marketing is all about total saturation, than Dreamworks Animation wins the the blue ribbon.

For that reason alone, I'm pleased to note that there's a new trailer for Megamind out and about on the internets. I'm not particularly pleased by the contents of trailer as much as I'm pleased that there will at least be new stuff from this movie will be bombarded at me on a daily basis.

Conceptually, I'm behind Megamind 110%. The story of two alien babies being sent away from their dying worlds and simultaneously arriving on Earth only to grow up and clash as superhero and supervillain is a wonderful concept, a pretty wicked send-up of the Superman mythos. The first trailer was light on story and heavy on gags and this new trailer (which you can watch after the jump) goes in the opposite direction, giving you just about every possible story beat from the movie in 150 seconds. In other words, if you're excited about this movie at all, you probably shouldn't click play. Just a heads-up.
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