night watch

I've been looking for a reason to pop my copy of Night Watch in the ol' DVD player again and pick the flick apart from start to finish; so thanks, SciFi Squad Movie Club, for making my dreams come true!

For those who've never seen Night Watch, you're in for a dark, strange and mind-frakkin' trip down the lesser traveled streets of Moscow where vampires and other creepy creatures face off in a never-ending battle between the light and the dark. Director Timur Bekmambetov's first flick in a planed trilogy (the sequel Day Watch was released in 2006) mixes horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action and comedic elements and boasts some truly inventive cinematography and editing. It's a fun and dizzying piece of pop moviemaking that's a must-see for genre fans. So check it out or watch it again, and head back here on Monday to dicuss the movie. If all goes well, we'll tackle the sequel next time my number comes up for Movie Club duties.

Check out the Night Watch trailer after the jump:
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