Cinematical's David Ehrlich wrote about Uwe Boll's newest project 'Auschwitz' earlier this week, noting, "As a Jew, a cinephile, and a person, I fervently believe that no historical episode should be protected from filmic representation, but after watching the NSFW trailer even Neo-Nazis might be shaking their heads going, 'Seriously Uwe, I think they've been through enough.'" After watching the trailer myself, all I have to add is, "Blergh."

An intrepid reporter over at Vice made contact with Uwe Boll -- first through Facebook and then over the phone -- to discuss his movie. Boll, who has engaged in boxing matches with his critics, had a lot to say. Like, a lot. And it wasn't just his detractors he's furious at, but also Germany as a nation and its attitude towards portraying the Holocaust, according to him.

Boll is not known for pulling punches verbally either, and the reporter barely had a chance to get a word in edgewise during his rants, which include choice bits about his educational background ("WHAT THE F*CK! Why do I get counted as an idiot, I'm a Doctor of Literature! I studied economy!") and much more.

Boll's anger isn't just directed towards his critics, though, but towards his homeland, Germany.