I've got a terminological inexactitude for you; comedies with male leads are better than those with female leads. There's a rumor that Easy A completely extinguishes. Forget the buddy comedies, nerdy boys' quests for love or manly slapstick; it's time for some youthful female hilarity. Watch out boys because Emma Stone is in charge here and she doesn't need dirty jokes, farces or a cliché shtick to get the job done; she's just a natural.

Olive Penderghast (Stone) is your standard nobody. She's top-notch in the eyes of her family and English teacher, but amongst her peers, she's easily forgettable. That all changes when her gossip-loving pal Rhiannon (Alyson Michalka) probes for details about Olive's weekend. Rhi is desperate for juicy news and considering Olive's got none, she opts to get creative and make some up. What starts as a harmless lie turns into the hottest story in the halls and ultimately results in Olive being labeled as the class slut. Of course nobody wants to be known as the local whore, but it's better than being nonexistent, right? Olive thinks so and not only opts to not deny the rumors, but stir up a few more.

Brandon (Dan Byrd) isn't the most popular guy in school, but Olive can change that. Now that her image is tarnished, why not rub a little more dirt on it for Brandon's sake? The two have fake sex at a party during which everyone from school listens in. Brandon emerges a hero and Olive emerges open for business. Now, not only is she a slut, but a loser magnet. Helpless guys beg her for a similar service in exchange for gift cards, coupons and anything else they can afford to fork over. That's when she takes a cue from The Scarlett Letter's Hester Prim, embraces her new reputation and embroiders a red "A" on her clothing.

Think we need more female driven comedies? If there could be more movies like Easy A, definitely!