Even casual fans of John Landis's 1988 classic 'Coming To America' will recognize the "Golden Arcs" of Cleo McDowell's (John Amos) eponymous fast-food chain. The McDonald's competitor -- "They got the Big Mac, I got the Big Mick" -- factors prominently in the tale of Akeem (Eddie Murphy), an African prince that travels to the U.S. to find a bride.

When Akeem is establishing his roots in America, he must find a menial job to belie his riches and princely status in Zamunda. Taking a job as a janitor at McDowell's, it's here that the New York transplant first meets Lisa, daughter of company head Cleo McDowell (who strangely spends an inordinate time at one franchise for someone who owns a chain of fast-food spots) and tries to steal her from boyfriend Darryl (Eriq La Salle).
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Coming to America
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