I should probably just apologize for this post in advance, and get it over with. But after stumbling across this on Metafilter this morning, watching it thrice in a row, and spending the afternoon walking around going "BRAAAAWR" at unsuspecting officemates, I figured I ought to share it -- especially since I'm the guy who brought you this related post a few months ago.

What this is is another bit of YouTube movie trailer mockery, except this time with a wonderfully offbeat comic sensibility. (And one that I may be unnaturally fond of -- hence the advance apology if we are not on the same page.) It's also a terrific example of a joke that's funny at first, then stops being funny, then becomes funny again through sheer attenuation. In this case, it starts out amusingly enough; I was rolling my eyes by the halfway point; and was doubled over in laughter by about the 1:50 mark.

This is one of those things that leads me to be probably too introspective for my own good, since it's hard for me to explain (beyond the inadequate paragraph above) why I find this so damn funny. I think it might be an attitude thing. The end product is bad, but it's earnestly bad, and clearly affectionate toward the source material. Or maybe I'm just feeling silly today.

Hope you enjoy.