Above, that's David Schwimmer looking pensive while posing for Trust. THR says there's a Joaquin Phoenix impostor on the loose, but no one seems to have grabbed a shot yet. Martin Sheen stops in for a film, and joins a union protest at the Royal York. Today is Colin Firth's 50th birthday, prompting Toronto Life to show TIFF's Top 10 Foxes Over 50. Here's Zach Galifianakis and a head camera. Finally, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox landed in Toronto. Her film Passion Playopened tonight and it's more than just a Fox with wings. Stay tuned for a review!

Joe Utichi reviewed Ben Affleck's The Town, stating: "Affleck proves he's no one-trick pony. It's just as smart and well-executed as Affleck's last, and with him back in front of the camera too, it delivers on all that promise of Affleck's earlier career as an actor."

Erik Childress reviewed Stone, writing: "It was nice to see DeNiro try to create a center for Everybody's Fine last year. It is doubly interesting to see him not just show up for any 'ol script that winds up on his doorstep these days and attempt to externalize a character with some real demons again. ... And yet who would ever imagine the day when DeNiro would be upstaged by Milla Jovovich?"

Finally, David Ehrlich sat down for Mark Romanek's Never Let Me Go, and says it "reduces Kazuo Ishiguro's novel -- among the most rightfully acclaimed of the last ten years - into a film so achingly wistful, gorgeous, and true that it's a shame it feels adapted from a short story."

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