I may not love Resident Evil movies, but I love that Resident Evil exists as a franchise. I know that probably sounds strange -- how can I love a franchise, but none of the individual films within that franchise? Easy. I love the spirit of the series, a throwback to the days where a cheap genre movie with more imagination than smarts could turn a quick buck in movie theaters, before these kinds of pictures ended up straight-to-video or as SyFy Channel premieres.

Constantin Film carries on the spirit of Roger Corman's New World and Golan and Globus's Cannon Group. Of course, cheap nowadays isn't the same as cheap back then. Corman probably would've killed to get his hands on a $40 million budget, but in a world where the price tag on most sci-fi action films exceeds $150 million, Resident Evil looks downright frugal. I wish there were more production companies like Constantin, cranking out theatrical fantasy and horror quickies with an eye on the bottom line.

Honestly, there will be a generation of kids raised on Resident Evil that will look back on these films with the same nostalgia us old-timers reserve for our favorite funky franchises and not-so-great monster movies. If you can recognize that, there's a certain charm to the Resident Evil series. While it may not hit my personal cinematic sweet spot, I can appreciate its intent, and I won't begrudge any filmmakers who are earnestly trying to fill a void in the starving world of theatrical creature features.

Are you a fan of the Resident Evil franchise? If so, why?
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