Dorothy Pomerantz of Forbes is back with another Hollywood financial report and the results of this one are far more satisfying than the last. Minus Sandra Bullock, the five actresses who earned the most cash are all wrong. They may have been deserving of the dough at one point, but now it seems as though they're being rewarded just as well for overflowing our theaters with garbage. Don't get too discouraged yet because the list of the highest-paid actors is out and it's a monumental improvement.

Snagging the top spot is Johnny Depp with a whopping $75 million haul between June 2009 and June 2010. Ever since the very first Pirates of the Caribbean film, Depp has practically been a guaranteed moneymaker. Curse of the Black Pearl earned an impressive $654.3 million worldwide, then Depp went on to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which ended up with a $475 million haul followed by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest with a staggering $1.1 billion and At World's End with $961 million. That leaves us at Public Enemies, which didn't earn quite as much, but still took in a decent $214.1 million worldwide. However, it's quite obviously Alice in Wonderland that made Depp the year's top earner. After a string of hugely successful films, I'd like to bet he received a hefty paycheck and, to top it all off, the film went on to earn $1 billion worldwide. Not every film Depp makes is fantastic, but he does manage to keep delivering above average flicks. Tack on the reliability from the moneymaking standpoint, and Depp is clearly well deserving of the top spot.
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