Those looking for answers to life, in the now and the later, best look elsewhere than Clint Eastwood's 'Hereafter'. Those looking for questions would be better served making their own list and checking it twice for this film can barely muster up the time to send us home with anything to think about, other than how one of the world's most celebrated directors can team up with one of the most interesting writers of recent years and produce such a unchallenging dullard.

The story opens with French anchorwoman, Marie (Cecile de France) and her boss/lover being caught in a deadly tsunami that wipes out a good portion of the beach resort where they are staying and the surrounding markets. Marie barely survives the disaster, and while unconscious experienced visions of angels or souls or some lighted heavenly presence. This is a gift that actually belongs to George (Matt Damon) back in the states, though he has warded off doing it under the belief that it's more of "a curse" than a gift. His brother (Jay Mohr) coaxes him to do it for a client who recently lost someone and though he seems well versed in the John Edwards shtick, he is most definitely not a fraud.