I had a plan for this week's column. As a TIFF-centric offering, I would celebrate the late Canadian actress Tracy Wright, whose two final films are gracing the festival this year -- Trigger and You Are Here. She was a Toronto-centric gem, stolen much too soon from the big screen. But then I saw Trigger, the latest offering from Pontypool and Hard Core Logo director Bruce McDonald, and my plans changed for the inspiring and blissful better.

Imagining a fun film, only hoping it could be half the adventure Pontypool was, I was greeted with what is, perhaps, the best example of female friendship I've ever seen on the big screen. Suddenly, I realized that this column couldn't possibly be a retrospective; its theme was utterly perfect for Girls on Film, destined to please anyone trying to follow the Bechdel Rule, or those hungry for well-developed female characters.

Quite simply, Trigger is to female friendship what Before Sunrise/Before Sunset was for romance.